Your Immune System is a Superpower


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Dr. Ankit Chander educates us in what makes up the immune system and how to use food, activities, supplements, and specialized therapies to strengthen and optimize our immune system.

Trained at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Ankit Chander is the medical director of the TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. He combines the best of traditional primary care with integrative approaches using both conventional and natural practices. His areas of practice include primary care, preventive maintenance, non-invasive treatments for pain, hormone replacement, treatment and reversal of diabetes, and more.

Session 1 - The Anatomy of the Immune System (38 min)

Session 2 - Food and the Immune System (67 min)

Session 3 - Activities (33 min)

Session 4 - Supplementation (55 min)

Session 5 - Special Therapies (34 min)

Total Course Time: 3 hours 47 min

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