Maha Shivaratri

Shiva represents the supreme divine presence and absolute potential of pure creation. Shiva is the energy of transformation, which gives us the discipline, focus, and strength to step out of what no longer serves us and move fully into the light. Sai Maa’s spiritual lineage carries this transformative energy of Shiva.

Shivaratri is the celebration of Shiva. When we immerse ourselves in the essence of Shiva we pierce through the veils of ignorance, revealing our true nature as Sat Chit Ananda ~ Truth Consciousness Bliss.

This curated collection features tools to support you in deepening in your sadhana (spiritual practice). From Activated murtis, to malas, to essences, each one gives focused support to welcome transformation into your life, magnetize you to your meditation practice, and dive into the space of pure consciousness that is Shiva. 
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