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Shiva Murtis | Quantum Biology Healing Field Group Vortex Yagya

Shiva is the embodiment of pure potentiality, of Pure Space. He is the destroyer of the universe, allowing for new creation to be born. He is the renunciate, who lives his life in the Himalayas deep in meditation, absorbed in the bliss of the true Self. He brings the energy of discipline and access to that bliss anchored in your home.

These Shiva murtis (activated statues) were part of the ceremonies during the March Quantum Biology Healing Field Group Vortex Yagya. These Shiva murtis were chosen by the pundits as an energetic match for the activation available during this specific yagya.  Made of polished brass. 

Only a few of each style murti are available.

Learn more about these yagyas (fire ceremonies) that took place from August 2019-July 2020

*You will receive a printed mantra card with the mantra of Shiva that you can use to connect more intimately with the energy of your murti.  

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