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Rudraksha Mala activated during Shivaratri

11 inches long (22 inch circumference)
108 - 3mm beads

Used as part of the Abhishek ceremony during Shivaratri in March 2020, these malas have been blessed as part of this puja in Kashi honoring Lord Shiva. 

Rudraksha beads hold the energy of Shiva, pure space, and are said to have great healing power.  Traditionally, the smaller the rudraksha bead, the more power it contains for attracting divine grace, helping to purify karma.

How to use a mala for japa repetition: Hold your mala with the right hand, draping it over the middle finger in front of the heart and using the thumb to move from one bead to the next each time you repeat the mantra. The index finger represents ego, humanity’s greatest block to enlightenment, so it is best to avoid using it when performing japa with your mala. Learn more in this short video:

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