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Sai Maa Activated Egyptian Pendulums

This pendulum emits powerful harmonizing energy from it's tip (BG3), and it's shape creates geometric resonance with the planes of nature. It has been energetically activated by Sai Maa to allow us to work deeply with our intuition. 

BioGeometry is a new field of science that uses specially designed language of shapes, color, sound, motion and wave configuration, to induce harmony into biological subtle energy systems. The cornerstone of BioGeometry is the One Harmonizing Subtle Energy Quality (BG3) at the center of the natural forming process. The term BioGeometry is a proprietary label that was coined by Dr. Ibrahim Karim. It is composed of the roots: Geo = Earth, Metry = measurement, Bio= life, Geometry = Earth measurement (as in land surveys).  BioGeometry = measurement of the life energy of the earth (including all life systems within it). - more info here

How to use a pendulum

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