Conscious Living: The Power of Embracing Your Authentic You


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What people are saying about Conscious Living:

"Each word holds so much love and consciousness that they penetrate deep into my mind, deep into my heart, creating a oneness and an understanding that I didn’t know wasn’t there before." -Sandy

"Ancient wisdom teachings once limited to the select few are made available to all who are open to receiving this gift of Divine consciousness for the upliftment of humanity." - Lana

"This book is for anyone navigating the complexities of contemporary life." - Billie

Conscious Living brings together the foundational teachings of Her Holiness Sai Maa, presented in a profound collection of wisdom and loving guidance for those wishing to discover or deepen in their spiritual path.

Known as one of the most powerful spiritual masters on the planet, Sai Maa shares her wisdom with a clarity that allows you to grasp profound truths that may otherwise seem elusive.

Sai Maa’s teachings are especially poignant in this moment of deep transformation available to all of humanity. Adopting this knowledge as a regular practice will accelerate your spiritual growth through the blessings of Sai Maa’s grace.

Master your life now, embody your purpose, and realize your full potential in this lifetime.

206 pages

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