Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya Video Collection (Digital Download)


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The Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya Videos are energetic tools that you can engage with to consciously accelerate your spiritual development. Each video emanates a unique activation of energy that you can absorb to supercharge your life in the areas of: Abundance, Career, Relationship, Health, Enlightenment. When you purchase the package of five videos you will receive a gorgeous bonus video – Prayer Sticks.

The awe-inspiring video footage was filmed at the Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya held in Japan in October 2016.  The Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya was one of the largest ceremonies for global enlightenment of our era. This traditional Vedic fire ceremony—rooted in the ancient wisdom and spiritual science of India—utilized the power of the sacred fire to cleanse discordant energies within the planet and humanity’s collective consciousness to support the manifestation of a new enlightened era.

You can now bring the immense power of the Maha Yagya into your life by watching and practicing on a daily basis with these videos.  You may work with them to clear obstacles in your life; dissolve lower frequency energies such as anxiety, stress, sadness; enhance a specific domain of your life; or simply accelerate your spiritual awakening.

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Ancient Vedic Science to Bless Your Life

Each video is designed to serve you in activating the purifying and uplifting power of the sacred fire in a domain in your life. The footage in each video was taken during specific ceremonies that utilize the ancient Vedic science to offer blessings and transformation in that particular area of life.  


In this video you will see Sai Maa offering roses, lusciously dipped in honey, into the sacred fire. This specific offering of 1008 roses to the Goddess of Abundance, Maha Lakshmi, represents and activates the fullness of life manifested as abundance is all areas of life.   

Activate the fullness of life manifested as abundance in all areas of your life


In this video you will see the full flames of the sacred fire and hear the specific mantras offered to serve you to grow in your career, experience prosperity in your business or simply enjoy the elevation of your professional life.


In this video you will see the Abhishekam ceremony offered to the lingams, which are considered to be the closest form in the third dimension of the energy of Shiva–pure consciousness.  Sai Maa has said that working with the Shiva energy is the fastest way to achieve enlightenment.


In this video, you will see one pundit (Vedic priest) standing in the center on one leg,  representing the sun. Around him you will see 27 pundits—each pundit represent a planet in the Hindu tradition—performing the yogic practice of “Surya Namaskar”, known in English as “Sun Salutations”.  This ceremony is to invoke the energy of the cosmos to serve in vibrant physical health. As the participants in the audience are doing, you may practice along with the video with your hand over your heart, chanting OM, feeling this divine energy vibrating in your heart and spreading throughout your body.


In this video, you will hear the pundits (Vedic priests) chanting the Vedic texts that tells the story of Navaratri, how the light of Mother Divine prevails as she transmutes the darkness and discordance. Through these sacred intonations and the activated images you too can transmutes what stands in the way of the full expression of love and light in any relationship, with yourself or others.  

 Each Video has a running time of 10 mins


Before the Maha Yagya ceremony in Japan, thousands of people all over the world purchased a prayer stick which they filled with their prayers and intentions for the evolution of themselves and the planet. These prayer sticks were gathered and brought to the base of Mount Fuji in Japan for the Maha Yagya.  During the prayer stick ceremony Sai Maa holds each bundle of prayer stick and offers it into the sacred fire. In this profound culminating ceremony of the three-day Maha Yagya, Maa brought in immense energy from different dimensions to clear and purify the discordance holding humanity back from its fullest divine perfection.

This video is a once-in-a-lifetime moment captured for us all to cherish.

Running Time: 6 mins

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