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Mercury Lingam & Yoni (3") | Quantum & Indra Yagyas

The Lingam is a representation of Shiva, pure space. Called Parad Murti, or Mercury murtis, these lingams are made from a soft, malleable, non-toxic gallium metal blend. They are cast through a traditional alchemical process passed down through generations to turn a material that is liquid at room temperature, into a stable solid. This symbolizes the coalescence of the formless into form, of energy into matter. They are 3” tall. 

These lingams were part of the ceremonies during the first four Quantum & Indra Group Vortex yagyas in the series in 2019 and carry these energies:

August Quantum Awareness Group Vortex Yagya
Quantum Oneness Group Vortex Yagya
Quantum Movement Group Vortex Yagya
Quantum Revelations Group Vortex Yagya

Learn more about these yagyas (fire ceremonies) that took place from August 2019-July 2020

*After purchase, you will receive a digital download of the mantra of Shiva that you can use to connect more intimately with the energy of your lingam.

NOTE: because this is a soft metal, it can rub off on hands, clothing, or other surfaces, and may need occasional gentle polishing with a soft cloth. 

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