Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland


This potent formula wakes up, strengthens, and de-calcifies the pineal gland.

Pineal Gland

This formula assists in waking up and strengthening the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a primary center of spiritual awakening and enlightenment in the brain. It also regulates the reproductive hormones and the circadian rhythm.

This essence is activated by Sai Maa to accelerate your spiritual awakening and bring about balanced physical health.

It is composed of water, 16% alcohol and the following blend of ingredients:

1) Chamomile - Stimulates the pineal gland, which creates meditation like states. On the cellular level, it stimulates morphine-like properties that scientists have recently discovered in the brain. It aligns the mental body and emotional tensions are released. Emotional stability and greater calm results from the use of Chamomile elixir.

2) Forget-Me-Not – Increases communication between the cells in the brain by influencing the synapses and augmenting the brain’s electrical activity.  This essence can increase memory capacity. Clarity of thought improves, and negative thought patterns are released. By aiding the pineal gland, this flower restores emotional balance, releasing through dreams tensions stored in the subconscious mind. The pineal gland is assisted in its role of producing natural hallucinogens to stimulate the subconscious mind and the dream state. It opens the crown chakra, so dreams and visions are stimulated.

3) Grapefruit - Has a regenerative effect on the body, manifesting clearer thoughts and releasing tensions stored in the temples, head, and jawbone. It acts as a mild tonic for the meridians and is equivalent to a liquid facelift. This essence tends to bring the entire body into correct posture or alignment.

4) Green rose - Enhances all psychic abilities. Develops spiritual healing. Improves emotional stability, especially for psychics. Opens the third eye.

5) Gold - A master healer. Eases depression and lethargy. Use it to increase alignment to higher spiritual visions. Amplifies thought forms and is a great balancer of the heart chakra. Stimulates regeneration of the body. One becomes more enlightened with the use of this elixir. Helps to open the third eye. 

6) Silver - Cleanses the subconscious. Eases nervous tension, anxiety, shock, and neurotic behavior patterns. Can be valuable to use with psychotherapy. Raises Kundalini and opens the chakras above the head.

7) Pink diamond - All forms of diamond are master healers. They are used in essence combinations to remove blockages or negativity that can interfere with vibrational remedies. Much of the impact of diamond elixirs is focused in the higher chakras of the head. Diamonds can be used to remove life force blockages created through disease, and are especially valuable in removing blockages within the crown chakra and the personality. Used with people or animals that are experiencing anxiety, insecurity, and low self-esteem. Promotes clarity of thought and aligns one’s thinking at the highest spiritual levels. Helps to cleanse the meridians and the subtle bodies.

8) Krypton – Clears and disperses negative thought forms derived from past lives, and energies that tend to be mysterious, such as the astrological influences of the planets Neptune and Uranus.

It mixes well with and is able to bring forth previously hidden qualities of many vibrational remedies. Serves as a bridge between Argon and Xenon. Confused mental states can be cleared. Improved memory, balancing of left/right brain function, and better motor skills may be noted. Stimulates many psychic gifts.

9) Sugilite - Balances the pineal and pituitary glands, as well as the left/right brain hemispheres. Stimulates and opens the crown chakra on the physiological and ethereal levels. Altruism, vision, and understanding are enhanced. Raises consciousness.

10) Villaumite - Helps to ease difficulties associated with sodium fluoride in most water systems which can include reduced pineal function or immune dysfunction. Rebalances some of the body's natural ability to perceive and work with food substances. Can increase one's ability to receive impressions through the sense of smell.

11) Potato -  Enhances clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other psychic abilities. Can develop the ability to see into all the dimensions. Aids in drawing energy from many sources and then helps in combining them, working with them, and putting these energies to practical use. Stimulates the 6th, 8th, 9th, and 10th chakras. Awakens the astral body, and cleanses the emotional body.

12) Fluorite - Used when there is anxiety, sexual frustration, and hyper-kinetic behavior. Heightened ability to perceive higher levels of reality. Increased assimilation of life force into the physical body. Naturally occurring fluoride is found in fluorite. Valuable for teeth issues.

Instructions for use:  May be used internally or externally. Place about 7 drops under the tongue twice a day or put several drops in a water bottle and drink throughout the day. Best results occur when taken at least 20 minutes before or after eating.  You may also place the essence on the body, particularly on the chakra centers, or in the palms of the hands and spread through the aura.


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