Sacred Union

Sacred Union


This essence is activated by Sai Maa and is formulated and activated to serve us in creating and maintaining a divine connection between partners, helping us ac

Sacred Union

This essence is activated by Sai Maa and is formulated and activated to serve us in creating and maintaining a divine connection between partners, helping us access the higher levels of love and union in relationship. 

It is composed of water, 16% alcohol as well as:

  1. Brazilian Plume – This flower essence helps one understand and work with all aspects of familial relationships; especially the new ways in which families are formed, both biologically and by affiliation. Helps one work with the modern concept of family, understand one’s sense of relationship with it, and its importance. Enhanced ability to deal with resistance, jealousy, and difficulties.

  2. Cabbage Rose  - This rose essence assists in a change in attitude with regard to sexuality, understanding the intimate relationships between love and sex, and the capacity for this to awaken some level of deeper inner personal regard in people. Encourages a new deeper appreciation for one’s physical body. Releases connections of unconsciousness, especially with regard to shame, guilt, and various energies associated with sexual patterns from the past.

  3. Red Ginger – This flower essence enhances the highest aspects of union and the ability to spiritualize many physical characteristics. Deepens understanding and acceptance of the male/female balance within and the union of the male/female with the Earth. Opens the root chakra to spiritual energy. Enhances sexuality, tantra, and Taoist sexuality.

  4. Pegasus Orchid Cactus – This flower essence assists in the new creation of destiny and purpose as it evolves for an individual, affecting this life and future lifetimes. May shift the way one creates new forms of relationship, one that allows other people deeper connection and intimacy with themselves and the user of this flower essence.

  5. Pearl Dark/Light – This mineral essence is a profound and effective balancer for all emotional extremes. Promotes emotional sensitivity and flexibility. May eliminate body cravings. Eases problems with the mother.

  6. Ruby - This gemstone essence activates kundalini in a balanced fashion. Strengthens the heart, and powerfully stimulates the heart chakra, enhancing divine love and inspired leadership. Improves relation to father or father image. Eases disorientation and procrastination.

  7. Watermelon Tourmaline - This gemstone essence is generally associated with the heart chakra. Stimulates the bio-magnetic, electrical, and crystalline properties of the body. The electrical effect stimulates communication between the subtle bodies. Strengthens the meridians, nadis, and subtle bodies.

  8. Sadalsud - This star essence is valuable in increasing awareness of the female aspects in interaction between men and women. Helps women to better express the very nature of what it means to be a woman and share this. Helps the male mind to open to its female aspects and, in this way, relate better to women. Promotes a greater acceptance of the balancing of both male and female aspects and communicating that merging in an evolved manner.

  9. Sheliak – This star essence can create a bridge between one's male and female characteristics or between one and a partner. Provides a greater understanding of polarity. Provides awareness of the beautiful, loving energy to be shared between people.

  10. Venus - This star essence strengthens the heart center, awakening the awareness of the use of love for healing capabilities that is usually dormant in most people. Accelerates understanding of relationships at a deep level, exploring the evolution of relationship, and in particular, how the aspect of understanding of group mind can be extended to much larger groups. Extends awareness from what one learns in individual relationships, pair bonds, and family relationships to the ways in which people know each other on a massive level.

  11. Zubenelgenubi – This star essence enhances a greater understanding of karmic patterns within a relationship. 

Instructions for use:  May be used internally or externally. Place about 7 drops under the tongue 2-3 times a day, or put several drops in a water bottle and drink throughout the day. Best results occur when taken at least 20 minutes before or after eating.  You may also place the essence on the body, particularly on the chakra centers.

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