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Sai Maa Shungite Sphere

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The sphere emits a balanced, calming energy from all sides and is ideal for meditation spaces and bedrooms.

Shungite is a powerful antioxidant mineral that neutralizes free-radicals in the body that cause aging, disease, and cellular damage. Sai Maa activated this shungite to support light work in the body.

  • Highest quality shungite on the market.
  • Shungite is the only mineral on the planet made of the fullerene carbon molecule, and is found exclusively in Russia. It has been extensively researched and used in Russia for centuries due to its healing properties.
  • The fullerene molecule maintains a positive charge, reducing free-radical production in the cells, as well as neutralizing existing free-radicals.
  • Works to diffuse EMF (electromagnectic frequencies) through shifting the charge of the frequency itself, neutralizing the negative effects on the physical body.
  • Does not absorb or maintain any negative charge, so it does not need to be cleared or discharged, and can be used indefinitely.

Please note that parts of the sides of the base of the sphere are unpolished, and can leave marks on fabric etc. 

**Larger sizes available as special order. Please contact for details**

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