Vibrations from the Divine


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This magnificent recording, in the original Sanskrit recitation, captures a rare, ecstatic chanting of the sacred, ancient Vedic scriptures in their full glory. Recorded during the festival of Shivaratri at the Sri Satuwa Baba Ashram, 20 of Kashi's most eminent pundits (Vedic priests) recited the four Vedas in the presence of Satuwa Baba Maharaj and Sai Maa. Listening to these sacred verses creates a state of heightened awareness and spiritual illumination. They transcend space and time to connect us with the eternal nature of life, bringing a sense of harmony and expansion to the listener and radiating blessings to the world.

"These words enter the hub of the heart, our essence is revealed, and immense joy is again awakened,” says Sai Maa.

 Recorded in Varanasi, India, 2007

1 hour 40 mins

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