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Krishna Murti 14" | Maha Kumbh Mela 2019

Present at the Shabir (camp) throughout the entire Kumbh Mela in 2019, this murti depicts Lord Krishna dancing on the subdued Kāliya Naga.

Kāliya Naga (a semidivine snake) went where he was not welcome into the Yamuna river, filled it with poison and scared the villagers, including Radha. His poison represents cunning, malice, cruelty and vanity, and his poison started to spread through the land. When Krishna heard this, he went to the river and made himself the weight of the whole universe, and began to dance on his head. Right as Kāliya Naga was about to die, his wives, the Naga Devis, came to his side to beg Krishna for forgiveness and to let him live. 

Krishna agreed, and lifted the weight of the universe from himself, and began to bless Kāliya Naga with his feet, pulling out and dissipating all of the poison he contained. The villigers rejoiced, and Kāliya naga never bothered any of them again. 

It represents our ability to have mastery over our lower instincts, of accessing and working with the higher vibration energies to move into the līla (playful dance) of life. 

Made of polished brass | Only 1 available

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